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Phase Two Begins

So far:
1 hr. flight from Portland to Vancouver
4 hr.layover in Vancouver
13 hr. flight Vancouver to Hong Kong
15 hr. layover in Hong Kong
4 hr. flight to Bali
Equals 37 hours of traveling to the other side of the world and one hell of a hangover or jet lag or whatever you want to call it.

Hong Kong was easy. We hopped on the airport train into town and found our hostel/hotel room which was actually a “triple”, yet my arms almost span the entire width of the room. Food was a bust for us we only had one meal, and we definitely ordered wrong as it was almost too spicy and too sour to eat. Hopefully we will get better at that. We walked around the busy Kowloon district taking in as many sights as we could before turning in for the night to get some real sleep. In the morning we caught a modern double decker bus to the airport which provided a bit of a tour of the sights as well. On the freeway toward the airport we were passed by a Sunday morning car club that contained every imaginable high-end sports car including: Porches, Lamborghinis, Mazaratis, Bentleys. Otherwise, there are no cars as most people use public transportation.

Cathay Pacific Airline gets a thumbs up for comfort, best food ever on a plane, entertainment and friendly flight attendants. They really know how to make long flights bearable. Major thumbs down for their handling of the surfboard, as their policy is to charge $600. The good news is that we were only charged $100 (Alaska Airlines was our check in desk). Bad news: we haven’t seen the boards since Portland as they never showed up in Hong Kong and have not caught up to us yet in Bali. However, the lost baggage guy says they’re just going to be one day late.

Bali is… well we’re only one day in so far, but being in Kuta is really exciting. Being a pedestrian here is like the most insane game of Frogger ever. The traffic is intense, about 80% of it is motorbikes, and you can never tell from which way the next threat to your well being will come from next. Our first meal, dinner, was excellent, with a noodle something or other and a veggie tray with peanut sauce. Local beer Bintang meets or exceeds our requirements for transparency as long as it is ultra-cold. No surprise, but it is really warm here. Mainly it’s the humidity which is just off the charts. In one day we each soaked through two changes of clothes each and took two showers each; (remember we didn’t even land till 3 o’clock in the afternoon!)

Today we’ve got a big day ahead of us, we need to go across town to the immigration office to extend our visa from the 30 days everyone is given at the airport to 60 days so we can have enough time here in Indonesia to see Sumatra. We also are anxiously awaiting our surfboards and we have some shopping to do. Oh and we need to make it to the beach at some point, as we never really got there yesterday. Yeah we know- rough gig.

Unfortunately we are not able to load photos onto the blog yet (still working on doing everything on the iPad) but we hope to get them up soon!


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