About Us

Also known as “100 Pounds of Fury” (coined by our dear friend Hunter).  Happiest when outside. Is convinced she was once a very large motown back-up singer in her past life, complete with a sparkly dress.
Loves: Chris, being in water, mid-century flat roofed houses, snorting when laughing, dogs, beautiful yarns and fibers.
Hates: Parking lots, clutter, people who take themselves too seriously, big houses, small talk.

Also known as “DJ Scratchmaster Flash” (coined by our dear friend The Vulture.) Super star mountain biker, trail builder, and EBF (Everybody’s Best Friend). Chris claims that he “thrives on the mundane”, but we know that isn’t really true. Was once mistaken for David Beckham at LAX.
Loves: Katy, moving dirt, bikes, anything that comes on a tortilla, the color blue.
Hates: Girls wearing cowboy boots with sundresses (yeah, really), insurance companies, cheap plastic crap.


Born in Prineville, rescued at age 10 weeks. Caught his first bird in mid-air at 9 weeks. Hates it when people call him a “rottie-mix” – I’m part Doberman, damn it!  Is excited to learn doggie-Spanish.  Woof.
Loves: Cookies, kibble, dead rotting fish, balls, sticks, swimming, short blond girls.
Hates: Fireworks, Jack Russell Terriers, moths, kites.



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I hope this will be the best year of your lives yet.. Of course you can’t rule out something better later 🙂

    Posted by Brandon Reed | September 29, 2011, 2:08 pm


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