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Things We Love

After almost of year of travel, both driving through Mexico and backpacking through Asia, we've decided to share some of our favorite items that we carry with us every day. Packing for long term travel is daunting, and we've made both good and bad decisions. Here are our top ten, okay, eleven things we love having with us, in no particular order:

Eagle Creek Travel Equipment. In 1999 we purchased a couple convertible travel packs, meaning you can wear them on your back or use the wheels and roll them behind you. For us, its critical to be able to either carry the pack, like when you are walking on the beach looking for a place to stay, or roll them, like when you are in airports and on paved roads. Because they open up like regular luggage, they are so much easier to live out of than a regular backpack. Eagle Creek also gets high praise for its durability and warranty which we have used in the past. We are also huge fans of their Pak-It cubes that keep our stuff contained. Thanks to Chris' mom and dad for handing these back down to us. Check 'em out at

Watermans Sunscreen. We have basically been living outside for a year, and good sunscreen is key for us. While not cheap, Watermans Sun Cream and Face Stick SPF 55 proved it was worth the price. The sunblock ingredient is zinc oxide (so old skool) so it actually works, unlike most chemical blocks. It also stays on for hours while in the water and we needed surprisingly little of it because it lasted so long. Highly recommend it. Thank you Mike and Tracy Day for recommending Watermans and helping us get a bunch of it!

Sea to Summit Silk/Cotton Sleeping Sheets. One of the best investments we made. Super comfy, light, quick to dry after washing and/or hot nights when the power goes out and there is no fan, which is so very common, especially in Sri Lanka. They also pack up into tiny little stuff sacks. Thanks to Matt Lewis for helping us out there!

Patagonia A/C Yarn Dyed Shirts. Yeah they're expensive, but light, comfy and durable. What button-up shirt could you wear every day for 18 days while rafting down the Grand Canyon and then wear it for three years in an office cubicle, tucked in with a belt, then succumb it to Mexico dirt, then improve the design by removing the sleeves for the SE Asia leg of the tour? Chris' “Canyon Shirt” is like a baby blankie, full of holes, thin as rice paper, but completely lovable. What a man.

Patagonia Swimwear. Ladies, looking for good suits that are cute (important) and actually stay on when you surf? Katy swears these are the only bikinis that stay put after going over the falls in Indo. Tested and approved. And after almost of year of surfing, they show virtually no signs of giving up. Which means she won't have to buy any more soon. Darn.

Barnes and Noble Nook E-Reader. What a great time in which we live. Guidebooks, novels, and non-fiction classics all on one device, readable in full daylight and the battery lasts forever. Thanks to Katy's mom for the Nook. Thanks to an anonymous good friend who somehow supplied us with over a hundred free e-books. Side note: To date, Katy has read 37 books (not including travel guide books) in the last year!!!!!!

iPad with 3G. In Mexico we had our MacBook but in Asia, we have a first generation iPad with us for entertainment, research, navigation, blogging, photo storage and editing, and storage of important numbers in case of emergencies. This also comes in handy when you are waiting for hours in a scuzzy bus station and want to entertain the locals with pictures of novelty things like snow or mountain biking. Unlike in the US, connecting to the Internet is SO cheap and easy. In every country we've visited, a local cellular SIM card could be purchased for between $1.50 and $5.00 USD. We could then add Internet usage for $5 to $10 USD, and recharge it as needed. This is one of those things that is so much easier in other countries than in the US. The iPad is both a lifesaver and the source of some majorly epic battles in sharing.

Thermarest Compressible Travel Pillows. These pillows have been with us since 2003, when we bike toured the Great Divide, and they still work great! Yes, they are kind of bulky and take up space, but these are lifesavers. Do not set off on eight hour bus ride without one, or you'll be drooling on your Indonesian neighbor instead of your comfy pillow. Also, while Asian guesthouses and homestays seem to usually have good mattresses, they are lacking in good pillows. They're well worth both the price and the weight.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder. Let's face it. It's the tropics. We are in the water a lot. It is hot. It is sticky. Rashguards don't always work. Things chafe. 'Nuff said.

Yoga Mat. Yes, it's sounds bulky, heavy and frivolous and it is. But when we are surfing a lot, it is so nice to have for yoga and stretching. When we are not surfing, it's so nice to have for stretching and yoga for staying in surfing shape. We cut the mat down a bit to fit better in our luggage. It also works great as padding between the surfboards when transporting them in the boardbag.

And most important……Addict Surfboards. Before embarking for Mexico, we needed new shortboards to travel with, so we did some research and found a shaper that we really liked in San Diego. Micah Shannahan of Addict Surfboards listened carefully to us, asked good questions, and understood what type of boards we needed, even if we didn't totally know what type of boards we needed. He set us up with two great all-around Epoxy shortboards to get us going. And, we got to spend a few hours with him at his shaping bay where he just gushed over how stoked he was to shape our boards and how excited he was for our adventure, which made us more stoked and excited. We couldn't do it without these babies!




One thought on “Things We Love

  1. Good plug for Patagonia. Maybe you can get a job in their new humongous store downtown.

    Posted by Mom | August 23, 2012, 8:53 am

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