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Half Time in the Snow

From camper to backpacks, this is all of our stuff for 5 months.

People often ask us, “Did you feel safe?” There are some scary things that happen in Mexico. There are some scary things that happen in the US. The US is not scary. Mexico is not scary. Having traveled (and mostly camped) in this country many, many times, the worst thing that has happened to us thus far is that someone snuck off with Chris’ entire shoe supply and one beach towel one beautiful moonlit night in Michoacan. We knew better than to carelessly leave those things outside.

We are not making light of this, and yes, Mexico is undergoing some serious problems and this is reinforced when talking to the locals, especially when words like “la familia” and “narcos” come up. However, for the most part, tourists are not targeted. With a lot of planning and preparation, and probably a bit of luck, we felt safe. Contrary to popular predictions, after over 7,000 miles on the road, we did not experience any of the following:

1. Beheading. Thankfully, we came home with our heads (and new hair color to boot.)
2. Drug Trafficking. We were not held hostage and forced to shove heroin balloons up our butts.
3. Kidnapping. Dozer was so admired by Mexicans and Gringos alike; we did think he might get kidnapped.
4. Carjacking. We were much more afraid of sideswiping a burro in the road.
5. Police Bribery. Thanks to Chris’ stellar driving skills, we did not get pulled over once.

What we fear in our lives is so often revolved around what the media tells us, and we get stuck in the revolving door of what to fear next. What are you afraid of?

Okay, okay, we are afraid of a few things, particularly pertaining to the next leg of our journey:

Getting Sick. Dengue fever, malaria, creepy strange parasites. We’ve skirted Dengue Fever outbreaks both in Mexico and the South Pacific and we’ve decided it’s not something we really want to experience. One fellow traveler and friend described his experience as passing out in his room naked, while he was attempting to crawl to the bathroom, only to wake up spending a delirious week in the hospital hooked up to IVs. I’ll pass on that. But we know that there are plenty of creepy parasites, viruses and bacteria just waiting for our little white asses.  Oh, and leeches.  Katy is really, really, really afraid of leeches.

Scary Waves and Reef Cuts. Ouch! We’ll likely be putting on our big boy/girl panties, facing heavier waves, sharper reefs, and more remote locations. Falling on a coral reef is a lot like getting scraped on a giant cheese grater. See above post on bacteria.

Not Having Our Own Food Supply – FOR 5 MONTHS. Chris eats a lot, I eat a lot, we eat a lot. Fortunately, we are pretty adventurous when it comes to street food, but not having a healthy food supply on our bodies or in our packs; well, we shall see. Low blood sugar meltdowns might be the new norm.

Not Having ANY Language Experience in the Upcoming Countries. Spanish is easy, Spanish is fun! And if we were thrown into another country with a romance language, we’d probably survive okay. We understand that Indonesian is a fairly “easy” language for the following reasons: 1) It is very phonetic 2) There are no tenses (thank god), and 3) There are no genders. Easy in theory, not so easy in practice.

Missing Our Dog. Spending every day with the pooch in Mexico was a blast and often provided hours of entertainment during those windy, no surf days in Baja. We’ll miss Dozer Dog, but we know he will have a great summer at Chris’ parents house in Albany, OR (that’s where he discovered he has a taste for lamb.)

We are currently in beautiful Central Oregon and the weather has been typical “spring” like with temps in the 30s and a delightful sun/rain/snow mix. All of this is forcing us to wear shoes, and at times, socks, but not for long!

Sampai waktu berikutnya!

On our way home, we spent a night in Tonopah, NV and woke up to this. The only one excited about this was Dozer.



3 thoughts on “Half Time in the Snow

  1. Looks like I’m reading this post a month late. Would have liked to say “Hi” while you were in town, but I’ll have to settle for seeing you on a trail in the fall. All the best!

    Posted by Jason O | May 10, 2012, 5:42 pm
  2. Go West, until it’s the far East then you’ll know you’re there. Have fun!

    Posted by Brandon Reed | April 11, 2012, 10:09 am

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