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Life In The Big City

After months of camping at remote surf spots, we have plopped ourselves in the middle of Zihuatanejo – land of large gringos, loud roosters, and Katy’s parents, who own a great little apartment in town. Zih is a great town – part Mexican fishing town, part tourist town – with great food, nice beaches and plenty of amenities.

View of Playa La Ropa and Zih and a very large yacht.

For the past week, we’ve been camping behind a beach restaurant in a makeshift campground/parking lot at Playa La Ropa. We’ve decided that Dozer is quite possibly the best dog ever, as he is surrounded by chickens, roosters, squirrels, a puppy, a toddler and a cat and hasn’t eaten a single one of them. It’s like a doggie wildlife safari.

Camping in Zih. It was interesting.

For a few mornings, we went surfing at Playa Linda, which is a mediocre beach break north of Ixtapa. Getting there requires a 30-minute walk to town, where we hop on a crowded rickety bus with our surfboards for a 30-minute bus ride. After the bus lets us off, we walk another 20 minutes to the beach. This is all fine and dandy in the morning when there is a cool offshore breeze, but the afternoons are sweltering and we sweat our way back to civilization. Chris is convinced he loses five pounds of fluid weight each day. Katy sees it as training for SE Asia.

Chris making nachos on the George Foreman grill.

We’ve been getting the royal treatment from Katy’s parents – many good meals, free doggie babysitting, fishing trips and lots of lounging in their apartment. Yesterday we were treated to La Escollera, a hillside restaurant, bar, and pool overlooking the beach with killer Margaritas and excellent Caesar salads. We felt fancy.

The pool at La Escollera.

Katy's somewhat insane family. We had a great time with them!

We have been feeling a big melancholy about our last few weeks in Mexico, but we are soon heading to one of our favorite places in Mainland where we will spend the remainder of our time surfing (more), lounging (more), and hanging with friends that we have met over the last few years. We are also looking forward to meeting up with some Bend friends, Newman and Chelsea. You know what they say – “Mexico. Come on vacation, leave on probation.” Look out Newman!



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