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Have You Felt Old Recently?

We have.

We get up again at 6am to meet the boys at 6:30. Notice a theme here? We wait outside our place, listening to the morning cacophony of roosters, dogs and fisherman driving down to the harbor. Diego (16), Bernardo (15) and Daniel (15) show up, surfboards in hand, to take us on a hike to the “nearby” surf break. This was the place we had recently taken a boat to, and the night before, we asked if they were going surfing and if we could hike with them. They were happy to show us the way.

We stopped at a Mini-Super so they could grab some food and they we headed to the “trail”, through a cow pasture, and into the jungle. Remember when you were 15 and you had copious amounts of enthusiasm and energy? These boys were so stoked to surf day after day, and they RAN up the trail in their flip-flops, over boulders and through the jungle vines. We broke out in a humid sweat, panted, stumbled and struggled, cursed about youth. They sang the whole time and stopped only to pick guava fruit off of a tree.

The line-up was crowded with 15 Mexican rippers, and I mean RIPPERS. These boys were young and fast and so good and there was no way I was getting any of their waves. So, I spent most of it watching these guys catch airs and banter with each other in the line-up.  Something about just being in the water with them was so fun and energizing.  When we got out of the water, they offered us orange juice and sandwiches made of bread and la lechera – caramel flavored evaporated milk.  Sound gross?  It was delicious!

That night, we went to the café to transfer photos, surf movies and music onto their iPhones. These boys were the most kind, funny, polite teenagers that I have met in a really long time, and they were so grateful for the photos. We hope that they find a good future, whether in surfing or otherwise. Thankfully, with Facebook, I can keep up with them, as I’m now “friends” with a bunch of teenage Mexican surfers!  It’s days like these that remind us to be open to the world and always say “yes” to opportunities.  That it is okay to leave your comfort zone and venture into new territory.

We had a great time with Chris’ parents, sharing our travels and showing them the ropes in Mexico, as they are spending a few more weeks here.  We ate tons of seafood (of course), drank many margaritas and beers, and watched many sunsets.




2 thoughts on “Have You Felt Old Recently?

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    Posted by Blue Box | February 19, 2012, 6:44 am
  2. Love the “trail”! Katy I can hear you cussing from here.

    Posted by Heidi | January 17, 2012, 7:54 am

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