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California, Part I

Okay, still trying to figure out the blogging thing…. apologies for the double posting, but here’s the complete post now.

After days of partying, packing, and moving out of our house, we have finally left town and are on the road.  We spent two nights on the road on the way down to Huntington Beach to see Katy’s oldest and dearest friend Jana.  As we negotiated through Orange County, we found ourselves in Katy’s old neighborhood in Costa Mesa, where she lived until she was 11.  What a trip!

Just to get our stoke on, we spent yesterday at the 2011 Hurley Pro surf competition at Lower Trestles with Jana and Joey.  Not only a beautiful world class wave in one of the last remaining “rural” beaches of Southern California, but the world’s best surfers in one place.  What a treat to see Kelly Slater, Josh Kerr, Owen Wright and so many other pro surfers up close and personal.  Chris reverted to a twelve year old kid, gazing up at his heroes, saying, “This is rad!  This is rad!”.

Today we finally got our feet wet in Huntington with a big crowd, small waves, long lulls, and many dolphins.  From all my time swimming in the ocean as a kid, today was the closest I’ve ever been to dolphins.  I could see the texture of their skin and could’ve stretched off my board and touched them as they slowly went past me.  Truly beautiful.

After HB, we spent a few nights at San Onofre at the San Mateo Campground.  We were completely surprised to run into some friends from Mexico, Mike and Tracy Day, camping three spots away from us.  They are flatwater paddle racers and were here for the Battle of the Paddle at Doheny.  This might be definitive proof that the Bryce/Kratsch household cannot go anywhere without seeing someone we know.

We are now camping in San Elijo, enjoying the sun and the beachfront camping.  There is a red tide, which makes for spooky daytime surfing in the murky water, but the electric phosphorescence at night is spectacular.  It’s like a fireworks light show in the water!

Oh yeah, Katy sold her Titus mountain bike in San Diego – to a nine year old.  I know this will make a lot of our friends laugh.  Check out the photo of the shredder.

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One thought on “California, Part I

  1. Question: who is writing the blog? Are you taking turns? Or, is one of you talking in third person?? In either case, I love hearing about your trip…still super jealous! Katy, please show Kratsch one of Kellogg’s new baby pics…when he tries to look away, just put it more in his face 😉 miss ya!

    Posted by Kellogg | September 27, 2011, 10:53 pm

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