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We Need to Talk About Your TPS Reports

As of today, the same day that President Obama revealed the American Jobs Act, we are both officially unemployed.  How ironic.  We are no longer doing our American duties by (cue the Marketplace theme song) “contributing to the economy” and helping “raise consumer confidence and spending”.  Sorry.  Bummer.

Chris’ last day of work was today, and I think I am more exhausted than he is now.  He spent 3 1/2 years, a blink of an eye mind you, in corporate cubicle world.  Every Sunday evening was spent working, getting ready for the week.  Working weekends and 12 hour days were normal.  And if he wasn’t close to poking his eyes out with an ice pick, I was ready to doing it myself just to put him out of his misery.

As we prep and pack, reality is setting in that we will be gone for while, and at times it is overwhelming.  I spent most of Tuesday aimlessly wandering around my house, trying to devise a plan of attack for getting everything cleaned, organized, packed and stored.  I looked at boxes, looked at my things and decided that maybe I should just check Facebook again, now that time is on my side after all.  I didn’t get anywhere that day, but I did find myself spending hours sifting through old photos, journals and mementos of past adventures, wondering how we made it this far being desk monkeys.

So here’s hello to new experiences and bye-bye to cubicle-land.



One thought on “We Need to Talk About Your TPS Reports

  1. Happy to report that your cubie has already been taken over and remodeled a bit by a joyful, rambunctious environmentalist!

    Posted by Mike Riley | September 12, 2011, 10:22 am

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