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Una Mas Cerveza, Por Favor?

In planning for any excursion, whether its for the weekend or the year, you inevitably have a list of things to get accomplished.  The list is usually a range of things, from big to small.  For instance, our list looks something like this (Note: This is only a portion of it. The real list is about a thousand times longer):

  • Research and purchase insurance for truck.
  • Make doggie first aid kit.
  • Figure out a place to stay in Hong Kong.
  • Find someone to rent our house.
  • Get camp chairs.
  • Record all property for insurance.
  • Create wetsuit repair kit.
  • And so on…..

And then at the very bottom of the list it says “Learn Spanish.”  This is funny.

Curious person:  So, that’s cool, you are traveling for a while. Where are you starting?

Me:  We are going to spend six months in Mexico, driving through Baja, then crossing over to the mainland.  It’s gonna be fun!!!

Curious person:  Sweet!  You must speak pretty good Spanish.

Me:  Uh, yeah…sort of.  You know, I grew up in California, and starting taking it in 8th grade.  And I’ve been to Spanish speaking countries a lot.  And… you know, er, uh.

Yes, we really did make a “doggie first aid” kit, that’s how organized we are.  But the Spanish….Point is, we’ve had YEARS to brush up on the ol’ Espanol, and what have done?  Nada.  Ah, it’ll come back!  Right?

On another note, this certainly made me chuckle: Stuff White People Like #120 – Taking a Year Off.  Every time I say those words: “We are taking a year off. We need a break.”, I cringe inside because of this!



2 thoughts on “Una Mas Cerveza, Por Favor?

  1. Too bad you don’t know someone who speaks Spanish

    Posted by Drew | September 13, 2011, 8:46 pm
  2. Katy, you are so funny! I have those “stuff white people like” moments all the time. Inner cringing because I’m such a cliche! Have a great trip! And I want to come by for happy hour this week before you take off. 🙂

    Posted by kaminibellydance | September 4, 2011, 9:03 pm

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