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It’s the Final Countdown!

We have four weeks to go!  Big stuff this week – Katy has two more weeks of work left, Chris is giving his notice at work, our renters start to move things into our garage, and we get cracking on our to-do list. Speaking of our list, every time we cross something off, three more things get added.  The interesting thing is that most of the stuff we need to do doesn’t have to do with the traveling part, but more like the leaving home part.  Like – how are we going to do our taxes?  How do we pay some of our bills while we are gone?  What’s the best option for health insurance?  What do we do with our cars?  What do we do with our stuff?  It’s almost like we are forgetting that we are going somewhere.

We did take a break and spent this last weekend at MBO (Mountain Bike Oregon) in Oakridge as mountain bike guides. It was a fun-filled time with beautiful trails, hot sun, big trees, and cool rivers. We also got to see many friends that we don’t see very often and won’t see for a while.  Thank you Oakridge for always coming through for us.



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